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Sam Goss MSc., NLP Prac,. BHSL5PCCH.

Phone: 07875 311983

E-mail: sam@samgosscoaching.uk


Sam has developed her business from an extensive career based on sport and business.  She has over thirty years’ experience in a diverse industry setting and has developed her experience in environmental coaching over both the practical side of her work and the qualifications she has taken.


She has had the good fortune to train with several very prominent trainers over the years.  She was an original member of the Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust,  Where she was able to train with Alex Cookson, Charles DeKunfy, Arthur Kottas, and Pat Burgess.  She went on to work with Eric Winter and also was the stable rider for Welton Ambassador when she was trained by Carl Hester.  Sam worked her way through the British Horse Society Coaching exams and is a BHSI.  She was able to work with horses up to Grand Prix level, Three Star Eventing, and 130m showjumping. 


She realised at an early age that she needed to improve her abilities and found that she was able to impart confidence to not only within her riding experience but to the people around her.  She had been a shy child and working with people in the environment around horses helped her develop her understanding of how people develop and the dedication that is needed to want to improve your development. She started to understand what it takes to use your intuition and develop your mindset and feel able to have confidence in what you would like to achieve.


Whilst working in her sports environment Sam has had the chance to be part of European and International teams bringing home gold, silver, and bronze medals as a participant, coach, and manager.  She has used this experience to help with her sporting, life coaching, and business clients. She was able to look at how to develop her mindset and that of her clients. 


Sam can use her experience in a high-pressure environment to help build teams, improve resilience, and develop confidence and allows her to help clients look forward and achieve their goals and dreams.   Because of her diverse background, she has been able to work successfully with business teams developing their mindset and team-building skills.


She can work with teens that are making changes to their lives and ladies that want to work on their mindset and development. She is practical and using her skills from Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) and her MSc., she has the ability to work with different people from different backgrounds and impart the knowledge required.


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