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How to Reprogram your self-image for Success!    Allow yourself time in the day to do the following: Find somewhere quiet in your busy day. 1. Sit down quietly and in a comfortable chair and breathe deeply.  As you relax, allow your imagination to to come into play. 2.  Imagine another you standing in front of you.  The most brilliant you that you can - this needs to be your true authentic self. 3. Now, you need to take a moment to be truly happy with your authentic self.  Look at the way the authentic you stands, how you breath, your smile, how you walk and talk.  See how the authentic you speaks to others and notice how the authentic you handles problems and goes for your goals. 4.  Now, you are going to step into the synthesize with your authentic self.  See through the eyes of your authentic self, hear through the ears of your authentic self, and feel how it feels so good to live life as your authentic self! 5.  You are going to finish this programming session by taking a minute to daydream about how your life will be different as you live more and more from your authentic self. Now, imagine yourself living authentically in any situation that you think of from your past, present and future. Allow yourself to come back to where you are and slowly start to put what you have imagined into play.  You know the authentic you and you can start to develop the authentic you. If you have enjoyed reading this please feel free to like my Facebook page Sam Goss Coaching and sign-up for more information on either that page or Straight Forward Coaching. All the best Sam

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